Review of ELYSIUM hotel, Paphos, island of Cyprus

Въезд в отель Elysium, Пафос, Кипр

After spending several nights at the noisy and large Mediterranean Beach Hotel 4 * in Limassol (about which you can read my review here), we went to the third city of our New Year’s trip in CyprusPaphos.

I have no photos of the hotel, because they were lost along with my smartphone, so today I invite you to enjoy the beautiful photos of my good friend Polina (here you can see her other beautiful photos from hotels and trips), who generously shared her photos of this hotel with me.

How we got to our 3rd hotel – ELYSIUM 5 * in Paphos, I will tell you in separate post of my funny rubric. It was a lot of fun 🙂

I will say right away: we liked this hotel so much that we returned here a second time. The first time we were at the hotel BEFORE its renovation, I will write about the impressions of which later, when the time comes for this episode of my hotel series.

What we liked about the hotel:

– located on the seashore near the great promenade to the city of Paphos

– small but very nice green area

Внутренний двор отеля Elysium, Пафос, Кипр

Территория отеля Elysium, Пафос, Кипр

– nice outdoor pool

Бассейн отеля Elysium, Пафос, Кипр

Бассейн отеля Elysium, Пафос, Кипр

Внутренний двор у бассейна отеля Elysium, Пафос, Кипр

– nice room with full equipment

Номер отеля Elysium, Пафос, Кипр

Ванная комната отеля Elysium, Пафос, Кипр

excellent food (the hotel operates on the HB system, i.e. breakfast and dinner). We were especially impressed by the breakfasts, which are simply wonderful here.

– excellent SPA complex with sauna and steam room

– nice indoor pool

– good service

– pleasant interiors of the hotel where you can have a good time

Интерьеры отеля Elysium, Пафос, Кипр

– the unforgettable architecture of the hotel, a real place to make an endless photo

Внешний вид отеля Elysium, Пафос, Кипр

Вход в отель Elysium, Пафос, Кипр

– nearby Paphos with the old town, shopping center, shops and cafes

What we did not like:

– a small beach with a small number of sun loungers and umbrellas (though it was January, therefore it is quite natural)

Пляж отеля Elysium, Пафос, Кипр

– not all rooms of the standard category are equivalent about view from room: you can be lucky (as we are), or not so (you can get a view of the parking lot, noisy surroundings, etc.)

But the most important thing that fascinated us about this hotel was its atmosphere. A very good contingent of guests, even with a heavy load of the hotel there is no feeling of noise and crowd.

The hotel is not big and helps its guests to perfectly relax and escape from all the worries of big cities – here you get a real unity with nature.

I warmly recommend this hotel to anyone looking for the right combination of beach holidays, outdoor activities and service with excellent food.

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