Review of hotel Swissotel The Bosphorus Istanbul, Turkey

When I’ve finally chosen our way back from Strasbourg to Kyiv, it was time to choose a hotel to stay for 1 night in Istanbul.

Yes, choosing a hotel in Istanbul is always a difficult task, I understood this the last time we spent a week in Istanbul.

This time I wanted to try the bigger hotel and a little away from the center with views of the Bosphorus. So I’ve booked via Booking the Swissotel The Bosphorus Istanbul.

We’ve arrived at the hotel late at night, we were informed that we would not live in the hotel itself, but in its separate building of residences. There was no strength to resist, and no sense, either it was only 1 night.

It is very pleasant that despite a very late time, we were escorted directly to the room by a hotel employee who showed us the main places of the hotel on the way.

Entering the room, we were very surprised when we saw that this was not an ordinary hotel room, but apartments.

We saw a corridor,

followed by a kitchen with all technics (including a washing machine),

then a living room with a huge sofa,

and then behind it was a bedroom.

The bathroom is not very large, but comfortable.

The view from the room is to the neighboring building and courtyard.

The only negative from the room is the strong smell of tobacco, obviously a lot of guests before us smoked in the room, very actively and more than once. Plus, for a long time I could not figure out how to turn off the air conditioners, which worked very noisily. But I defeated it and there was complete silence.

In the morning we’ve come to breakfast in our residence building, which takes place in a small room at the bottom of the building. The selection of breakfast dishes is small, but quite tasty, the fruits were especially good. Coffee and tea is brought by your order.

We wanted so much to check the hotel’s SPA complex, so we immediately ran there to the main hotel building.

The SPA complex includes (all free for guests) an indoor pool with a jacuzzi, an outdoor pool and 2 separate areas for boys and girls (changing rooms, showers, 2 types of saunas, a steam room and a hammam).

In the girls’ zone, the saunas were barely warm, and while I was there it did not become hot, although I’ve asked to turn them on. It was not possible to get into the hammam, because there were crowds of locals. But the steam room was great.

The strongest point is not even an indoor pool (it is spacious, but very warm and stuffy), but an outdoor pool.

The weather was beautiful +20 air and +22 pool water. Around is the forest and the garden, the seagulls can be heard.

Here we hung, swimming in a spacious pool alone, but with excellent service by towels and drinking water from a young man who, as it seemed, was waiting only for us.

From the hotel to the Bosphorus it is possible to reach on foot down in 15-20 minutes, and from there it is nice to take a boat ride to the very heart of Istanbul.

We’ve liked the short stay at this hotel and enjoyed spending the night in Istanbul at a hotel with such nice infrastructure.

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