Rhodes, Greece: my photo report from the trip

Бухта на острове Родос

Today’s almost jubilee post (already 150 in a row) is dedicated to the country of Greece and the island of Rhodes, so far away for us in this situation when the boarders are closed.

I already wrote about our vacation in 2 hotels earlier, and today I just want to give you a pleasant mood from viewing photos of Rhodes.

In general the island of Rhodes seemed to me to be such a real place where everything is included (all kinds of entertainment and activities, as well as relaxation and good food):

– the beautiful old town of Rhodes with its small streets, shops and a cool bay

Город Родос: шоппинг

Город Родос: старые улицы

Город Родос: архитектура

Бухта у города Родос

– a wonderful snow-white city of Lindos, which reveals its secrets to a strong travelers who are not afraid of many stairs and endless height differences 🙂

Город Линдос на острове Родос

Ступеньки к крепости в городе Линдос

– many ancient fortresses for those who like to climb and take pictures

Крепость на острове Родос

Ступеньки к крепости в городе Линдос

Крепость у города Линдос

Вход в крепость города Линдос

Пейзажи острова Родос

– a place of power – Cape Prassonisi, where the calm Mediterranean Sea and the stormy Aegean Sea meet each other

Мыс Прассониси: Эгейское море

Мыс Прассониси: встреча 2х морей

– and many wonderful beaches for lovers of beach relaxation (rocky, sandy, and pebble)

Эгейское море на острове Родос

Бухта на острове Родос еще одна

Средиземное море на острове Родос

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