Rixos Premium Bodrum, Turkey: my conclusions

Rixos Premium Bodrum

And as promised, here is the second part of my review of the Rixos Premium Bodrum hotel, Turkey (the first part of the review is here). I will try to tell you what the hotel needs to improve and draw conclusions.

Well, I’ll start with the rooms. Yes, at the time of 2021, the hotel looks like 2 different hotels: one is after reconstruction, and the second is the rooms themselves. Now they are completely different in style and I warmly support the decision of the hotel to renovate them. But there is a small moment that can be solved now. It is very necessary to make a mosquito net on the balcony door. This will save a lot, because there were a lot of mosquitoes in May, and I don’t want to live with a closed door by the sea.

And it’s time to solve something with the abandoned open-air cinema. It looks very scary  Maybe you should launch it or arrange something like an adventure park or such a night bar (the place there is so inviting) 🙂

I consider it very strange the decision to make small wooden platforms by the sea accessible only to guests of VIP rooms, we used to love spending time there back in 2017. I think that making them available to everyone would be a good and pleasant solution for guests.

The new SPA center is just a terrible dungeon 🙂 It’s dark, it’s hard to see where you are going, and you can’t take any pictures  Maybe you should still solve something with normal lighting? And I propose to make a normal relaxation zone for those who visit the sauna-steam room-hamam. The one they have now is, again, very dark and very stuffy. And I still did not understand the one more moment. Why are all drinks (except of water) in the SPA paid? I think there is no point in saving on tea and lemonade for guests in a hotel of this level.

And about the food in the main restaurant. The hotel in 2021 put a lot of effort into improving the quality of food in the main restaurant, and this is good news. But there is also a BUT. A corner of “Russian food” (dumplings, pasties, etc.) is a good idea, but the performance is terrible, everything is not tasty at all, although it looks good. My favorite corner of the meat grill is super, but the meat should be cooked immediately in front of the guest, and not taken out of the cabinet and then put on the grill. Because of this, the taste of meat suffers greatly, and it is a pity, because the meat itself is good enough. And it would be great if there was such a corner with fish. It seemed to us that fish was a weak point in the main restaurant. And one more thing: you need to diversify soups (cream soups, vegetable soups, etc.), and make one soup of a neutral taste, and one for spicy lovers. The cakes are great, but it is also worth a little work with the cakes and pastries with cream: there is little cream and the products are often dry.

The PEOPLE’S restaurant is super news, but unfortunately, not all items on the menu are tasty. The soups and salads are excellent, but all the pastries (pide, pizza, etc.) are not: very dry and the filling is unsuccessful.

And the last thing is about drinks. I still don’t understand why the RIXOS hotel chain has such a strange concept of alcoholic drinks. The cost of living in a hotel is now quite high (especially in the high season) and is comparable to hotels with a more interesting alcoholic menu, but the choice of alcoholic beverages is quite modest. And, for example, my husband had almost nothing to choose from, everything was standard (both whiskey, rum, and vodka), and the choice of drinks included in the concept was very modest.

I would also like to thank the hotel for the constant training of the staff, it is felt very much now. The only thing is that the staff really needs to be taught at least English, many of them speak only Turkish, which complicates communication.

I got the feeling that this year this hotel grew out of the concept of the RIXOS hotel chain and began to follow its own path, and this is probably right. Now I recommend that the hotel work out its vision of itself in 5 years, a strategy for achieving it and start implementing it. And yes, do not forget about identifying your target audience and focus your efforts on attracting it.

And finally, conclusions 🙂
This is a very sincere hotel, not very large and cozy, with good all inclusive food and interesting cocktails. It seems to me such a pleasant place of cozy relaxation is especially good for couples. Yes, there is infrastructure for children, but this is a place where you want to escape from everything and everyone 

Will we come back here? Perhaps yes, because we will need to look at the updated rooms after their reconstruction.

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