How to book flights

I want to tell you how I search and book flights. I hope this information will be useful for you to organize a wonderful holiday.

There are 2 types of flights: with regular airlines and with charter airlines.


Regular airlines

They can be divided into conditionally expensive segment and low cost segment (relatively cheap).


Expensive segment.

These are all the airlines of the world that fly direct and with connecting flights. For example, Emirates, Qatar Airways, Lufthansa, Turkish Airlines, KLM and many others.

Low cost segment.

Airlines such as RyanAir, WizzAir, Norwegian Airlines, Pegasus, Vueling, EasyJet and others.


Charter Airlines

These are specially created by tour operators airlines or special flights ordered from regular airlines for transportation of organized tourists (those traveling with a tour created by the tour operator).


How to book tickets.

To search for flights on regular flights I use these sites (they seem to me the most convenient):

Visit these sites and search for the flights you need.

When I find a list of interesting flights for me, I usually always go to the websites of the airlines themselves and check with them again my flight and the price for it.


My recommendation

visit all pages of all airlines ONLY in stealth mode (in the Google Chrome browser, press ctrl + shift + N). In this case, you are more likely to buy tickets at reasonable prices. The fact is that airline websites track your visits to them and can increase ticket prices with each visit.


Always to mailings from airlines – this will allow you to see promotions with discounts from them. Some airlines do not send such letters, but post them on their social networks (Facebook, Instagram).

To find tickets for charter flights, I use the sites of tour operators.

There is another way to book the tickets you need: this is the booking of the cheapest travel package for the dates you need. It happens when the cost of the complex tour, for example, in a 2-star hotel with a flight and accommodation, is lower than the cost of selling individual air tickets to the charter flight you need. Do not be afraid to go this way (I have already done it more than once). The only thing you will need to warn your tour operator and representative at the airport of arrival, that you are not going to this hotel, and going to another.

If you have any questions, please contact me.