How to book the hotel

One of the most popular topics for discussion and online search is very worthy of being on my blog 🙂

This topic delivers the largest number of questions to me and requests through the selection of the right hotel.

I went to an effective selection of hotels sooo long – all those years that we traveled, I gained experience and knowledge how to book a hotel more profitable.

These are perhaps the most important secrets in preparing a good holiday! 🙂

There are 2 main ways of booking hotels to create an independent tour (without the participation of the tour operators).

1 The first way is to book a hotel separately from tour operators in your country. You need to choose the section of website, where you can book only hotel.

2 The second way is to book hotels on booking sites.

Let’s start with the most famous hotel booking sites. (The most famous resource that represents a site for hotels to advertise and book accommodation with them. Very convenient for finding a hotel, assessing its location, infrastructure and other things. Prices are often too high and sometimes do not include all taxes that need to be paid attention to. There are no problems with checking in to hotels, if you do not book fares only for residents of a certain country). (It is also a well-known resource, which is a major foreign tour operator in booking hotels. Often offers discounts and a coupon of 10% when you pay the hotel immediately on the site. There are no problems with checking into a hotel.) (a less well-known resource that offers reservations through a major foreign tour operator. This project if the part of Emirates group. Often offers good prices. But you should carefully read the information on the hotel reservation at the bottom, there happens restrictions on the guest’s country. If there is a restriction, the hotel cannot be booked there. The site regulates cancellation very strictly on all hotel reservations and a fine of 40 euros to cancel it, so here hotels better to book, when you are sure of dates and your holiday at all. To avoid the fine you can make the other reservation and connect with staff of website explaining them this situation). (a famous German-speaking resource that represents reservations through a number of major German tour operators. It allows you to book a separate hotel stay in the appropriate section. Hotels should be booked here if you are completely sure of your dates and you will not cancel your trip. Cancellation is possible only within 3 days after booking, then for cancellation of the reservation you will need to pay a penalty of 25 to 100% of the cost of the reservation). (My favorite site that offers hotel reservations through a number of major international global tour operators. Check the registry prices at the end of the booking information, as they still happen and limit the booking. There are no problems with the settlement at the hotel with bookings from this website. Prices can be found very good, especially in advance.)


for sufficient booking of hotels you have to register on these sites. Very often the prices for registered users are much lower.

to book hotels, get a separate card (preferably with a credit limit, to make it easier to book hotels and pay in advance if the hotel wants it or a regular debit card, on which it is better to leave a certain amount before booking the hotel, because It happens that the hotel checks the card if there are funds on it, blocking funds from 0 to 10 euros for a short time).

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