How to choose hotels

Let’s start with the simplest, but at the same time the most difficult topic – the topic of choosing a hotel, which has a lot of secrets!

What you need
to choose the right fine hotel:

  • Decide on a place to stay
  • Choose your vacation dates
  • To draw up a holiday’s budget, highlighting a separate amount for hotel accommodation
  • Determine the main criteria for what is important to you at the hotel (location, room, food, animation, beach, sea, pools, spa, fitness room, etc.). This is a very important point, because you have to decide what is yours priority and you are not ready to concede precisely by these criteria, and what you accept if it is not in the hotel or is not what you need.
  • Select hotel category.

Now you are ready to dive into the beautiful J: choosing the hotel (this brings me a lot of positive emotions).

First you need to make a preliminary selection.

To do this, you can start from the site and set there the necessary dates and place of your holiday.

You will see a lot of hotels, select the category you need there, so you will get a little less number of hotels J On this site it is convenient to quickly see the hotel, its main photos and location, and also to see information about its rating based on the reviews of those who actually stayed at the hotel .

Now you can select a number of hotels and start looking at them for more detailed information. For this, I usually do the following:

  • I look at the sites of hotels and study information about them
  • I read reviews and watch photos on Also on this portal there are a large number of forums where you can also read the discussion of hotels by visitors, as well as find a lot of useful information.
  • I read reviews and watch photos on
  • I read reviews and topics on the forums on the site
  • I look at and to determine the location of the hotel
  • I look at the description of hotels on the sites of tour operators (especially

By doing this, you will already have a final list of hotels.

After that, you can proceed to the analysis of the cost of selected hotels and their final selection.


It is very important to listen to your inner voice and sense, with some experience you will understand what they tell you and where you will stay with the big pleasure.


Yes, I understand, it all sounds very difficult and time consuming. But a good stay in a wonderful hotel is worth it 🙂


If you need my help in choosing a hotel, please contact me!