How to pack

1 Insurance

When you create your own trip, do not forget to arrange insurance for travel abroad.

In the event that you buy a ready-made package from a tour operator, insurance is included in its cost and it is issued to you by the insurance company.

To buy insurance, you need a passport to travel abroad.

Now an insurance police can be issued even on the Internet, without leaving home.

When making an insurance police for a child, I advise you to pay attention to its extended services. It is better to pay a little extra and take a good police with extensive coverage of services.


2 Luggage


Going on a trip, you need to take care of a good and comfortable suitcase.

Recently, we are increasingly using cabin size bags (oftenly with size 55-40-20).

First, it is convenient (no need to carry a heavy suitcase),

secondly, it organizes (you take with you only the necessary things :)),

thirdly, it is safer and faster (your luggage will not be lost, and you will be able to quickly leave the airport without waiting for your luggage to be unloaded from the plane).

The inconvenience of such baggage is that you need to transport liquids in the amount of not more than 100 ml of each unit, with a total volume of not more than 1 l. All this should be packed in a 1 liter transparent bag.

Also in hand luggage, you can’t carry piercing and cutting objects (scissors, including manicure, saws, knives).

Airlines have different requirements for the allowable weight of carry-on baggage: usually from 7 to 10 kg in one cabin size.

Some airlines have differences in the permitted parameters of the cabin size suitcase (you’d better clarify this on the airline’s website and read about it on one of the airline forums).


3 First aid kit


Be sure to take a minimum set of medicines.

Medicines for headaches, stomach problems, poisoning, temperature, inflammation of the ears (if you go to the sea), from a cold, from overheating in the sun from allergy.

Also those medicines that you may need in case of exacerbation of chronic diseases.

Be sure to bring patches, bandages, brilliant green-iodine-hydrogen peroxide in convenient travel options.