Transfer with Hoppa: what is it and how to book

In this article I will tell about my favorite transfer from the world famous transfer company Hoppa.

Many people ask me how I get from the airport to the hotel and back when I go on my own (as it happens now in any country, even in Egypt) 🙂

For transfer, I’m using for a long time for all my trips.

This is a British company that organizes transfers around the world. The transfers that company offers are different:

group in a minibus (when you are with 5-7 companions) traveling to your hotel, carrying all along the way (the first will be someone who has the hotel closer to the airport)

group on a big buses (we had one in Mallorca with this principle: tourists were taken to the hotels, there were just a lot of them, so they took a big bus for this)

individual (car is only for your family, which goes directly to the hotel).

How to book a transfer, for example one way (back procedure will be the same), let’s see together.

We go to the site and fill in on the first page: where to pick you up (write the airport of your arrival), where to take (hotel name), arrival date and arrival time of your flight, number of people (whom the transfer will carry) and click Search.

We get to the next page, where they offer to choose the type of transfer: group or individual (these are the 2 cheapest options, then cars of another class or minibuses go).

We choose a group transfer and see a page with a description that for 2 people it is allowed to carry 2 suitcases and 2 units of hand luggage. Also below is a suggestion to choose additional options if you need them, and also write below in the field if you need help at the airport. Fill out all the items (if necessary), click the Continue button.

Then we get to the page where we see your data (it is better to be a registered user before ordering a transfer), a place where you will be taken (already indicated or manually specified), the airport from which you are departing and the airline you are flying by to your destination.

Below is a warning that the waiting time after a meeting with a transfer representative is not more than 45 minutes. For example, in Mallorca, we’ve waited for 1 hour and 10 minutes and reported to Hoppa about this after the trip, they dealt with the situation, apologized to us, and returned the money paid for the transfer 🙂

Then you confirm the data entered above and get to the last stage – transfer payment. If you have a promotional code, enter it in the specified field. Choose the type of payment (card or PayPal) and enter the required data. Click Pay now and pay for your transfer.

After that you will receive a transfer voucher and a payment receipt in the mail. Print both documents and be sure to take with you on a trip.

The voucher will say where you will be waited for transfer (usually at the exit from the airport or near the racks at the exit).

Good luck with your booking! I hope you will enjoy using the services of this company! 🙂

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  1. Zyku says:

    Thanks for making this blog wonderful, I truly appreciate all of the hard work that you put into this website.

    1. admin says:

      Thank you for your kind words, Zyku!
      I appreciate it much!

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