Turkey. First holiday there. Melas Lara Hotel

I thought for a long time where to go for the May holidays in 2011.
Then suddenly I’ve remembered that there is a beautiful country Turkey with its beautiful hotels in the all inclusive system 🙂

Here began a very long search for the right hotel.

Not knowing anything about the hotel base of the coast of Turkey at that time, I’ve gladly dived into the world of endless Turkish hotels.
I adore the process of finding a hotel and always enjoy it, even though sometimes it is long and happens even without end and edge, when you want everything at once 🙂

My main criteria for selection at that time was the novelty of the hotel (I still didn’t know about the rest and didn’t know what else could be important).

In the end, I’ve chosen the hotel Melas Lara, at that time a new 5-star hotel, which was built on the shore in the village of Lara near Antalya Airport.

The hotel is one of the main high-rise building. The look of it is hmm … it’s something strange 🙂 Such a sullen-gray something with incomprehensible architectural solutions:)

But do not worry! Inside the hotel building everything is very nice and beautiful!

The room is quite good, not very big, but adequate. Everything was new, beautiful, a lot of carved wood in the design of the room.

Great bar with lots of nice places to enjoy drinks.
Good service.

Of the minuses – a very close distribution at the buffet: there is little space and everywhere there is a queue.
But the restaurant itself was spacious and the seats were always there.

The hotel building is located a little away from the sea, but it’s a very wide and deep strip near the hotel’s beach. The hotel has almost no territory: a swimming pool with slides, a lawn with sun beds and places to relax and the beach.

The beach is spacious, sand, at the entrance to the sea a little pebbles. The sea is not muddy, quite pleasant.

The location of the hotel itself is a suburb of Antalya, densely built up near hotels. In 2011, there was still a lot of space, although there was no natural beauty in this place. But now these places are no longer recognizable: hotels in 3 lines, a lot of buildings, people and cars. Now I don’t want to return to this place 🙁

At the same time we’ve really enjoyed living in this first for us, a Turkish five-star hotel with food and drinks.

We’ve traveled a lot to Antalya and its old city – Kaleici. These are simply wonderful places and in May it was very pleasant to walk there and not so hot. Definitely recommend to visit.

We’ve liked our holiday in Turkey so much and will be back there for sure 🙂

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