What I read. Excellence wins from Ritz Carlton cofounder

Last year, I shared with you two books I liked the most (about a blog and about a personal brand).

This year I want to tell you about a very interesting book by Horst Schulze “Excellence wins”.

At first I decided that this is the book about hotels, but after reading it, I realized that this is practically a guide to managing the business, both for hotels and other companies, especially from the service sector.

In this book you will find an incredible story about an 11-year-old boy from a n village in Germany (Rheinland-Pfalz region), who already in his childhood decided that he wanted to work in a hotel, which greatly upset his family and friends (this work was considered completely un prestigious and not profitable in those days).

This boy managed not only to become the cofounder of a worldwide hotel chain Ritz Carlton, but also just a man who devoted his life to his motto “We are ladies and gentlemen serving ladies and gentlemen”, and showed by his example how to relate to employees and be not just a manager, but a real a leader.

From the book you will learn:
– the story of Horst Schulze
– how to understand what the client wants
– how to provide high quality customer service
– what 4 super tasks should any company set for itself?
– how to deal with complaints
– what are the types of customers and how to lose them
– how to select employees
– how to adapt employees on a new job place
– how to conduct ongoing employee training
– about managers and leaders
– how to interact with employees
– are leaders born?
– about the vision of the company
– how to evaluate company performance
– about prosperity and love

Enjoy reading!

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